Areas of Practice

We are a general practice firm but with specializations in certain fields of the law. Our principal areas of expertise are as follows:


litigation quezon city law office



  • DGRLAW advises and represents clients in an extensive range of civil, criminal, and administrative controversies that require dispute resolution, high level and complex litigation or appellate representation before:


  • Special regulatory agencies or agencies exercising quasi-judicial functions or exercising oversight functions (g. BIR, SEC, PEZA, NTC, LTFRB, CAB, MARINA, ERB, HLURB, IPO, DENR, DTI, BOI, LLDA, LRA, House of Representatives, Philippine Senate, Commission on Elections, etc.)
  • First Level and Appellate Courts
  • Supreme Court of the Philippines



  • DGRLAW also counsels and represents clients in arbitration and other alternative modes of dispute resolution, including out-of court settlement and negotiations



taxation quezon city law office




DGRLAW has extensive experience in every aspect of taxation including:

  • Effective Tax Planning
  • Legal Tax Avoidance
  • Contemporary Estate Planning and Settlement of Estates, including Probate Litigation
  • Facilitation of Tax Free Exchanges
  • Tax Compliance Advice and Monitoring


  • Representation before:


Bureau of Internal Revenue (“BIR”) in case of internal revenue tax deficiency assessments and other regulatory matters

Bureau of Customs (“BOC”) in Customs duties cases and applications for import export permits

Local Government Units in cases involving local tax assessments


  • Tax Litigation before the Court of Tax Appeals and the Philippine Supreme Court
  • Advice and Assistance on varied and complex tax matters:
  • Tax Consequences of Cross Border Transactions
  • Tax Consequences of Mergers and Acquisitions and other Corporate Combinations
  • Advice and Assistance on:
    • Tax Relief and Legal Compromise
    • Benchmarking Notices
    • Whistleblower/ Tax Informant Actions


corporate law

Corporate and Commercial Practice


The firm has broad experience in Corporation Law.

  • Business Organization and Structuring
  • Corporate Maintenance and advice of Corporate Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions/ Business Combinations
  • Organization of Not for profit Organizations, Cooperatives, Trusts
  • Asset Protection and Management
  • Due Diligence Review Work
  • Corporate Rehabilitation, Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Corporate Liquidation
  • Corporate Receivership
  • Deeds and Conveyancing
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Representation and Advice at shareholder meetings
  • Proxy Arrangements
  • Intellectual property rights protection and enforcement
  • Securing of Legislative or Congressional Franchises, LGU and Administrative licenses, permits, authorities, clearance, rulings and certificates
  • Advise and representation in Employee and other Labor Concerns
  • Advice and representation in Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Assistance to Foreign Investors in registration with and availment of incentives from:
    • Bureau of Immigration for Visa Concerns
    • Philippine Economic Zone Authority (“PEZA”);
    • Board of Investments
    • Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority
    • Special Economic Zones


special projects quezon city law office

Special Projects

At DGRLAW clients always come first. We are ever conscious that each and every client has specific requirements or individual and unique needs. Our lawyers go the extra-mile in finding solutions that are responsive to that particular and distinct concern.

Our firm is adept and flexible enough at achieving the business objectives and interests of our clients in various cases and concerns. We have extensive transaction experience in special projects that are as varied as the clients we serve.